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* Tips on using the new Apache:Gallery photo interface
The interface should be fairly intuitive. When you are viewing a photo you can choose a size at the bottom of the photo. If you want to download the original size photo for printing, right-click on the "Original" link and "Save Link As...". If you want to see all the photos in a slideshow, click on the number of seconds you would like to view each photo.
The information in the grey box comes from the photo file itself and is normally placed there by the camera. If the photo also has any IPTC information, this will be displayed as well.

Old Photos Pages

Steve Wallach - Fox & Hound
Fritz Schiemann - C240 & C3880 Installations
Jay Birdsong - C1-XP & C210 Installations
Ex-Convex Happy Hour @ Cape Buffalo -- 5 Dec 2003
Mike Bienek - First SPP Engineering & Production Teams
Buck Treherne - Firman Road / Computer Graphics Tradeshow / 701 N. Plano Road
Ex-Convex Party in Austin / Vicky Newton -- 2004.3.26
Ex-Convex Party in Austin / Rob Carruthers -- 2004.3.26
Ex-Convex Party in Austin / Charisse Castagnoli -- 2004.3.26
Ex-Convex Party in Austin #2 / Brent LaVelle -- 2004.9.10
* Tips on using the BananAlbum photo interface
  Click on a thumbnail at the top to see that photo.
  Click on the photo to see the next photo.
  Use right/left arrow keys to see the next/previous photo.
  Use the scroll bar under the thumbnails to move them right/left.
  Move your mouse to the right or left side of the thumbnails to move them right/left.
 View/Download Original Image:
  Click on the small Download arrow at the lower-right of the photo.
  (This opens the original size photo, but resized to your screen.)
  Click on this new download window to close it.
  Right click on this new download window and "Save Image As ..." to save the original to a file.


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